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Use your imagination to design your factory, and protect it from the creatures who don’t really like you.

Factorio is a real-time strategy video game developed by Wube Software. Join forces with other players in cooperative Multiplayer, create huge factories, collaborate and delegate tasks between you and your friends. The player has to survive by finding and harvesting resources to build tools and machines, which can then create more advanced materials to allow for the creation of more sophisticated technologies. In the beginning you will find yourself chopping trees, mining ores and crafting mechanical arms and transport belts by hand, but in short time you can become an industrial powerhouse, with huge solar fields, oil refining and cracking, manufacture and deployment of construction and logistic robots, all for your resource needs. The game is “won” by launching a rocket with a satellite. Constructing the rocket takes massive amounts of resources, forcing the player to set up an sizable effective factory to complete the game. The game follows a spaceman who was sent to an alien planet ahead of colonists from Earth. He and his crew were to set up a base equipped with missile defense to defend the landing of earth’s colony ships. Not everything goes according to plan as the protagonist crashes on the planet. Because of this, he has to first harvest his resources by hand in order to build up an industrial infrastructure, and face inhabitants of the planet who defend their environment.

Game Info

Relase date: 25 February, 2016
Developer: Wube Software LTD.
Publisher: Wube Software LTD.
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Rating: 82/100

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System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7 64
CPU: Dual core 1.5Ghz
GRAPHIC: 512MB Video Memory
HDD: 0.5 GB

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10 64
CPU: Quad core 2.5Ghz
GRAPHIC: 2GB Video memory

Game Features:

  • You will be mining resources, automating production, managing energy sources, designing the flow of items in your factory, researching technologies and defending from hostile creatures.
  • You will be in charge of a character that is building a factory from scratch.
  • The game is inspired by Transport Tycoon-like games, Civilization and Minecraft.
  • You can create huge almost self sufficient factories.
  • This game is made by geeks for geeks.
  • There are machines crafting other machines.
  • The core of the game is building things.
  • There are simple means of “programming” the robotic arms that move things around.
  • All the stuff is travelling on transport belts.
  • The ultimate goal of course is to have self replicating factories:)
  • You also have little logistic robots that transport things among designated containers.

Factorio Trailer

Factorio Reviews:

8.2 Total Score
Very Good

This game will eat your soul. Factorio combines the base building elements of a real time strategy game with automation in an amazing way. You can play at your own pace, constructing a mega-awesome factory to do whatever you want. You will spend hours making a complex system to create green science packs then you split four things off that line and spend another hour finding and fixing the problem. In all seriousness Factorio is a game that ended up being much better than I expected it to be. The only limitation on the gameplay is your own skill, so when things go well, you feel proud, and when they don't it feels like it's your fault, because it is. Factorio is a wonderful game for anyone who enjoys managing resources and manufacturing to achieve the ultimate goal. There will be challenge, but there will be glory along side it.

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