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A 3D platformer that’s more than just a nostalgia trip!

Yooka-Laylee is a 3D adventure game made by Playtonic Games and published by Team17 Digital Ltd. Yooka and Laylee venture out from the safety of their home in Shipwreck Creek to explore deep inside the work halls of a baneful business known as the Hivory Towers, to find the “Pagies” needed to explore the mysterious Grand Tomes as the buddy-duo battle to stop Capital B and Dr. Quack from absorbing all the world’s literature and converting it into pure profit. Explore huge, beautiful worlds, meet an unforgettable cast of characters and horde a vault-load of shiny collectibles as buddy-duo embark on an epic adventure to thwart corporate creep Capital B and his devious scheme to absorb all the world’s books… and convert them into pure profit!

Release Date: 11 April, 2017
Developer: Playtonic Games
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Genre: Action, Indie, Platformer
Rating: 73/100

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System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Intel i5-2500 3.3GHz
GRAPHIC: NVidia GTS450 / AMD Radeon 6850HD

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10 64
CPU: Intel i5-2500 3.3GHz
GRAPHIC: NVidia GTS450 / AMD Radeon 6850HD

Game Features:

  • CARVE YOUR OWN PATH: Purchase and unlock moves with freedom, choose to expand your favourite worlds into even larger, more complex playgrounds and equip unique Tonic gameplay modifiers to customise your play style. Every player will have a unique experience.
  • INTRODUCING OUR NEW BUDDY DUO: Yooka and Laylee boast an awesome arsenal of abilities built for platforming fun and unlocked with added freedom from the serpent salesman Trowzer.
  • A COLLECT-EM-UP FOR THE MODERN ERA: Seek out a roster of shiny collectibles with gameplay progression at their core (as well as other, more valuable materials), such as the dual action Butterfly Energy or tricky Ghost Writers!
  • A CAST TO LAST: Meet (or beat) a huge cast of memorable characters brought to life by the art and audio teams behind legendary platform games, and destined to endure in future adventures as part of Playtonic Universe. Expect all manner of grunts, squeaks and squawks.
  • BUDDY UP: Establish your own buddy-duo and adventure through Yooka-Laylee in co-op mode! Taking control of a unique co-op character, a second player can assist Yooka and Laylee by stunning enemies and helping them tackle tricky challenges. No piggyback required.
  • A DREAM SOUNDTRACK: David Wise (Donkey Kong Country) and Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie) combine for a melodic masterpiece! Seriously, clean out your ears – they’re in for a treat.
  • AND A WHOLE LOT MORE: Discover unique boss fights, mine cart challenges, retro-tastic Arcade games, quiz shows and more than 8 unique multiplayer games!

Yooka-Laylee Trailer

Yooka-Laylee Review

7.3 Total Score

Yooka-Laylee is an all-new open-world platformer from key creative talent behind the Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country games. It’s a faithful recreation of the formula that made games of the late 90s and early 2000s both so special and so frustrating. Playtonic has managed to mix everything good of this genre and turn it into something fresh and wonderful. Gameplay bears resemblance to Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel, Banjo-Tooie, featuring items and characters that play similar roles to those found in these games. One player controls two characters working together simultaneously, a male chameleon named Yooka, who is being described as "sensible", and likewise controls a female bat named Laylee, who is being described as "a little bit crazy". Yooka-Laylee is a pleasant surprise, an enjoyable experience. A game for fans who miss the N64 days of running around a huge, open map, collecting a bunch of stuff and having a bit of a laugh.

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