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Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox


The viral sensation that cracked up the internet is back with a vengeance! You have to put together increasing complex IKEA-style furniture without the aid of instructions. Home Improvisation is a furniture-building simulator that lets you decorate an entire house. The only catch: none of the furniture comes with instructions! Discover the intended design or make your own creative masterpiece. Tons of new furniture, new rooms, virtual reality support, and online multiplayer keep the fun going forever! Work together locally and online to build unique (and terrifying) creations. With a huge new catalog of furniture and a whole house to decorate, the possibilities are limitless! You can try to build the furniture correctly or you can make new and terrifying furniture creations, the choice is yours!

Game Info

Relase date: 28 July, 2016
Developer: The Stork Burnt Down
Publisher: The Stork Burnt Down
Genre: Simulation, Indie
Rating: 75/100

Game WebSite

Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win XP 32
CPU: Intel Core i3 1.3 GHz
RAM: 0.5 GB
GRAPHIC: OpenGL 3.0 compliant with 512MB of video RAM
HDD: 0.6 GB

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10 64
CPU: 2 GHz dual core
GRAPHIC: OpenGL 3.0 compliant with 1.0 GB of video RAM

Game Features:

  • Mix-and-match to make your own custom creations
  • Build over 30 pieces of furniture in 6 unique rooms
  • Share your creations on Steam Workshop
  • Play with friends! Up to 3 friends can join you locally
  • Master 5 tools to create advanced creations
  • Play online! Invite a player to your house, or visit theirs
  • Test your furniture-making skills in Challenge Levels
  • Use the HTC Vive to build in Virtual Reality

Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox Trailer:

Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox Reviews:

7.5 Total Score
Very Good

Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox is a simulation game. It doesn't hold your hand at all. The game wants you to build a shelf? How about some messed up looking modern art instead? The choice is yours. The sandbox mode can be a blast with a few friends, and the building challenge are great for solo play. Have you ever said to youself, "If only I could have the stressful experience of assembling Ikea furniture, without actually assembling actual furniture?" Then this game is for you.

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