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Super Indie Karts

Classic retro ’90s style karting game with a collection of Indiegame themed race tracks.

Super Indie Karts is an indie racing game developed and published by One Legged Seagull. The game was KickStarted late in 2014 and is aimed for completion in 2019. You don’t have to wait until completion though as you can join in now with Early Access and the Super Indie Karts BETA builds! The BETA currently boasts over 30 characters, with 32 Super tracks, and the 4 recently added Ultra (64) tracks, to play Single Player or 2/3/4 Player Splitscreen in Grand Prix mode (and in Mirror Mode) and in Time Trials.

Game Info

Release Date: 6 May, 2015
Developer: One Legged Seagull
Publisher: One Legged Seagull
Genre: Racing, Indie
Rating: 81/100

Super Indie Karts

Website of Super Indie Karts

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: 2.5 GHz i5 dual core
GRAPHIC: Mid-range Graphics Card, Nvidia Geforce GT430 or equivalent

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: 3 GHz i7 quad core
GRAPHIC: High-end 4GB Graphics Card recommended

Game Features:

  • shockingly bad draw distance!
  • more cranked up than a joypad with a double wedgie!
  • fast, incredibly small, almost claustrophobic, tracks!
  • World leading watermelon physics engine! (featuring Blast Processing!)
  • trees and obstacles that pop up 5 yards in front of you!
  • 1992 style screen curvature and motion blur! (optional)
  • increased draw distance and track area size!
  • Indie Game crossovers you know and love, and some you don’t yet know you love!
  • large open antigrav racetracks that corkscrew and loop-de-loop into the skies!

Super Indie Karts Trailer

Super Indie Karts Review

8.1 Total Score
Very Good

Super Indie Karts Is The Closest We'll Get To A Modern Wacky Wheels. This is all happening to an absolute smorgasbord of colour throughout. The roster is one of the most impressive in a kart racer because of just how many indie franchises it uses, while its art style evokes the original Super Mario Kart with many modern flourishes. The pixel art style used is nearly identical to what you would expect from a latter-day SNES game. Not only is it a love letter to the 16-bit era of Mario Kart, which I loved, but features some of my favorite indies as racers to boot. Excited to see what One Legged Seagull can bring to the game in the future, and am incredibly impressed with the current product.

Very Good
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