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The Cursed Forest

Can you stop the darkness that is rising in the cursed forest?

The Cursed Forest is an indie horror game made and published by KPy3O & Noostyche. When your character received the message that his mother was in the hospital he rushed to her aid, taking a shortcut by driving down an old, forgotten road through an ominous autumnal forest. When something appeared in front of his car and caused him to crash he was lost among the trees. The dark forest is hiding many secrets and creatures that wish to harm whatever crosses their path. Now it is up to him to uncover the mysteries of the past and save an innocent soul. But will he be able to survive long enough to do it?

Game Info

Release Date: 26 Feb, 2019
Developer: KPy3O, Noostyche
Publisher: Noostyche
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Horror
Rating: 78/100

The Cursed Forest

Download - The Cursed Forest

Steam Download – The Cursed Forest

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: Intel Core i3 6100 / AMD FX 8350
GRAPHIC: GTX 660 2 Gb / Radeon 7850 2 Gb

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: Intel Core i5 6400 / AMD Ryzen 5 1400
GRAPHIC: Nvidia GTX 970 / AMD Radeon RX 480

Game Features:

  • Choosing your own path and explore the dark beauty of the mystical forest.
  • Powered by CRYENGINE 5.
  • Survive sudden and dangerous situations, navigating though deadly traps set by an evil spirit.
  • The game runs not bad on Linux through the SteamPlay (Proton) and Wine. Mac OS – Wine.
  • Find in-game notes and discover the hidden tales of those who lived in the Cursed Forest, the history of the location and what happened to the lost expeditions who were unlucky enough to venture into the forest.
  • Simple achievements.

The Cursed Forest Trailer

The Cursed Forest Review

7.8 Total Score

The Cursed Forest is a horror-adventure game in which you will collide with dangerous mystical creature that is living in the autumn forest. Immerse yourself in the obscure and mysterious autumnal forest, where every wrong step could be your last. As you travel uncover the dark story behind this place, where beauty and danger have become as one. You need to make a ritual for release the innocent soul that prisoned in the monstrous appearance. A few years ago The Cursed Forest, a horror-adventure game, was released on IndieDB and became widely popular. Now the original game’s creator KPy3O is working with team Noostyche to take you back into the forest again. Using the updated version of CRYENGINE, The Cursed Forest will be returning with enhanced graphics, a new storyline and many more improved features. Gather everything you need to perform the ritual, to clear an innocent soul from the defilement. You will not pass if you do not collect things for the ritual. The game features a dark and gloomy atmosphere, which adds to the eerie affect of being lost in the forest looking for clues to this mystery. Exploration is key in this game, where you must look around for clues and hints as to find out what's happening behind these dark trees, and what danger will lie ahead. If you dig an intense atmosphere and horror that thinks and bites, this game is for you.

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