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Nova Drift

Nova Drift distills the mechanical depth of an action RPG into classic arcade space combat.

Nova Drift is an indie action game made by Chimeric and published by Pixeljam. Control an endlessly evolving bio-mechanical ship, face legions of strange and deadly foes, and ride the wake of a dying star across the void. Your ship rapidly evolves as you defeat enemies, allowing you to shape its abilities and weaponry to your desires in a matter of minutes. Unlike many ARPGs which can absorb hundreds of hours of time, Nova Drift allows you to take a ship build from inception to execution in a single game session.

Game Info

Release Date: 27 Mar, 2019
Developer: Chimeric
Publisher: Pixeljam
Genre: Action, Indie
Rating: 80/100

Nova Drift

Download - Nova Drift

Steam Download – Nova Drift

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

OS: Win 7
CPU: 1 Ghz CPU
HDD: 0.25 GB

Recommended Specifications

OS: Win 10
CPU: 1 Ghz CPU
HDD: 0.25 GB

Game Features:

  • Create a unique build every run. Games are quick, allowing for rapid experimentation, iteration, and advancement.
  • Build to play how you want. Snipe, command a drone army, discharge your shields, charge up, burn enemies with your thrusters, or smash right through them… there’s a way to make it work.
  • Cunning and creativity are rewarded as you chain upgrade modules for powerful synergies.
  • Unlock various challenge modes, providing greater risk and rewards. The stakes are high, as death is permanent!
  • Access over 120 modular upgrades as you progress and expand your arsenal.
  • Every game is randomly generated, keeping the fight intense and unpredictable. Fight through the campaign or play endlessly…

Nova Drift Trailer

7 Total Score
Very Good

Nova Drift is a "Roguelite" space shooter that melds a classic arcade experience with modern action-RPG elements. That what happens when you take Asteroids and turn it into a fully fledged game with a massive amount of content, build potential, and enemy ships to mess your day up. It is mechanically deep and offers near-endless player configurations, making game balance an ongoing challenge. Your puny starter weapon won't stay weak for more than half a minute before you're already creating your own customized and overpowered abomination of screen clearing destructive power. As a living game, Nova Drift will continue to receive a steady flow of content, adjustments, and features. The game isn't slow and easy however, it can be quite challenging at some point. There are tons of upgrades possible, and a lot of different builds playable. A really fun pick up and play experience, this game doesn't force you to play hours on end to have fun, it throws fun at you straight from the get go and has a surprising amount of depth and replayability.

Very Good
User Rating: 3 (2 votes)